‘Operation Blue Roof’ Brings Temporary Relief toThose Impacted by Hurricane Irma

It’s been a month since Hurricane Irma devastated many areas, including parts of Florida. The strong wind and rain tore through the areas, destroying homes, businesses, and lives. Since there was so much havoc brought through many towns and cities, the United States Army Corps of Engineers is stepping up to help those who suffered roof damages to their homes.

News 4 JAX says that the Corps of Engineers’ program, ‘Operation Blue Roof,’ is helping to provide a temporary fix for those homeowners who have standard shingle roofs. They plan to evaluate those who have metal roofs or mobile homes to see what can be done. They will be repaired on a case-by-case basis. This is because metal roofs tend to be able to protect homes better than other types of roofs. Metal roofs will protect one’s home from any major damage since it has a 140 miles per hour wind rating.

‘Operation Blue Roof’ sends experienced contractors to the damaged homes to put tarps over the roofs for free. This is a temporary fix, so the tarp will serve as a placeholder until the homeowner gets the roof fully fixed. The blue tarp is installed using wooden planks that are nailed down or screwed into place.

Originally, the program was only available in 19 Florida counties but was recently expanded to two additional counties. However, anyone with more than 50% structural damage is not eligible for the program as it will take more than a tarp to temporarily fix the property.

For those who are residing in a rental property and impacted by the storm, legal permission from the property owner must be obtained before the tarp can be placed. Those renting must also get legal permission from the property owner that states that they are still allowed to reside in the home until permanent fixes are made. Once both pieces of permission are obtained, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers will be able to send in the contractors. Those owning a home must sign a form that allows the contractors to enter their homes and place the tarp.

Anyone interested in learning more about the program or wanting to apply for the fix can visit the Government’s Disaster Assistance website.

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